Student Health Service

To Promote and Advance the Health and Wellbeing of our Students

Food Allergies – Special Needs

Students with food allergies or other special dietary needs should contact Brooke Orr (the registered dietician/nutritionist in Dining Services) to discuss available resources and any necessary avoidance measures in the campus dining facilities.  To schedule an appointment, contact Melissa Walker at  To report an incident email Brooke Orr at   (336) 758-6410.

For additional information and medical assistance (e.g., prescriptions for epi pens) in managing food allergies, please call the Student Health Service at 336.758.5218 to schedule an appointment. The George C. Mackie Health Center is located on the south side of the gym on the ground floor (our door faces the Athletic Center).

For more information about nutritional resources available through campus Dining Services visit the Nutrition Home Page. For more information about the Student Health Service please visit our home page. For information about disability services at Wake Forest, please visit the disabilities page of the Learning Assistance Center/Office of Disability Services.

Good luck to you as you begin your studies at Wake Forest. If we can be of any other assistance to you please don’t hesitate to contact us.