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Ebola Virus Information

1.  Why did I receive an email from the University regarding Ebola? Is the Wake Forest community at risk?

Wake Forest has not identified anyone who appears at risk of contracting the disease in the campus community.

The Wake Forest Student Health Service, in conjunction with the Forsyth County Health Department, is monitoring the presence of the Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa—Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. While the risk of Ebola Virus Disease affecting our campus community is low, we have implemented a protocol to educate our community, identify individuals who may be at risk of exposure based on their travel and respond to individuals identified as having been at risk of exposure.

The Student Health Service has worked with the Wake Forest Center for Global Programs and Studies to identify individuals who may have been in the countries where outbreaks of Ebola exist.  No one has been identified who appears at risk of contracting the disease.

2. What is Wake Forest University doing to protect our community?

  • Wake Forest University and the Forsyth County Health Department plan to continue to be proactive in our approach to keeping the community safe and have implemented the following protocol:
  • A message (sent August 28, 2014) has been e-mailed asking any student, faculty or staff member who has traveled to a region with known outbreaks of Ebola within the last month to contact the Student Health Service.
  • The Student Health Service will work with Forsyth County Health Department to determine risk of exposure among these individuals and to create a surveillance plan for development of symptoms.
  • The Center for Global Programs and Studies and Student Health Service will remain in communication about individuals who may travel to or from the affected regions. The CDC has placed a travel advisory to these areas, so it is unlikely that ongoing travel to these regions will occur.
  • The Student Health Service has a protocol in place in the unlikely event that an individual ill with Ebola is identified in our community.

The university will continue to monitor updates from the CDC, the World Health Organization and local health departments and notify the campus as needed

3.  Where can I find more information about Ebola Virus Disease?

Information and FAQs from the CDC: