Student Health Service

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Parents’ Top 10 Things to Know

Top 10 Things Parents Need to Know About Wake Forest Student Health Service

  1. Helpful resources are readily available on campus. Encourage your child to seek help on their own; teach them how to do this without your help. For mental health issues, have you child call the University Counseling Center (336.758.5273). For learning issues have your child call the Learning Assistance Center (336.758.5929). For substance abuse issues have your child call the Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator (336.758.4371). For healthcare concerns (illnesses and injuries) have your child call the Student Health Service (336.758.5218).
  2. The Student Health Service is open 24 hours a day when undergraduates are on campus. The Health Service is staffed with board certified physicians and clinical staff with years of experience helping young adult college students.
  3. Students who are seen at the Health Service are the controllers of their health information; except in life threatening situations, the Student Health Service cannot share health information with parents, friends, professors, or deans, without the students’ permission.
  4. Influenza vaccines are available in the fall each year through at clinic in the Benson Center sponsored by the Health Service. Look for the announcement on the Parents’ Web Page early in the fall.
  5. North Carolina State law requires documentation of certain immunizations (as endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American College Health Association) for students attending a North Carolina college or university. Students must submit certification of these immunizations prior to registration.
  6. The Student Health Service has a pharmacy and clinical laboratory on site. There are no X-ray services available on campus. Psychiatric clinics as well as sports medicine clinics are also available at the Health Service.
  7. For the most part, there is no office visit fee for students seen for medical illnesses and injuries. There are charges for labs, pharmacy services, medical supplies, certain elective physical exams, and stays in our 2 bed observation unit. These charges tend to be steeply discounted compared to comparable services at other healthcare facilities in Winston-Salem.
  8. Wake Forest students are required to have adequate health care insurance that provides coverage for care received in the Winston-Salem area. Students who do not have adequate coverage will be required to purchase in the Wake Forest Student Insurance Plan (currently underwritten by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina).
  9. The Student Health Service does not file for insurance.  At each visit, students are provided a statement suitable for filing claims with their insurance companies.  Students are expected to pay at the time of service.  Payment options include cash, checks, Deacon Dollars, and placing the charges on their Wake Forest student account at Financial and Accounting Services.  For students who have purchased the Wake Forest Student Insurance Plan (currently through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina), charges incurred at the Student Health Service will be covered by this plan without the need for the student to file with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina.
  10. An international travel medicine clinic is available at the Wake Forest University Student Health Service to support students who are traveling abroad and need immunizations and medications to prevent travel related illnesses.