Upload Your COVID-19 Vaccine

Upload Your COVID-19 Vaccine

Why do I need to upload my vaccine documentation?

  • To ensure the health
  • To be in compliance with the University’s COVID-19 Vaccine Policy.
  • To be excused from University quarantine: if we have your documentation on file (and are at least two weeks past your final dose) you may be excused from University quarantine orders, even if someone in your living environment has to isolate.
  • View the vaccine policy FAQ for more information


How to Submit Your Documentation

  • Login to the Student Health Portal using your WFU credentials.
    • Note: If you’re unable to login to the portal or load the page, try connecting to WFU VPN.
  • Click “Document Upload” at the top.
  • Choose “COVID 19 Vaccine” or “COVID 19 Vaccine Exemption”¬†from the drop down menu.

Vaccine Upload step

  • Attach a clear photo of your documentation.
    • Vaccine documentation must include your name, the vaccine you received, the date(s) you received it.
    • Exemption request documentation must include required signatures (of the student, guardian if student is under 18, and medical provider for medical exemption requests).
  • Hit “Save.

Lost/No Documentation

If you lost or did not receive documentation at the time of your vaccine, follow these instructions to download an official verification document (applies to those who received the vaccine in North Carolina).

You can check your Student Health Portal under immunizations for confirmation that we received your documentation.


  • Medical Exemption Requests

    Individuals with documented medical contraindications to COVID-19 vaccines may submit exemption request documentation. This would include a history of severe, life-threatening allergies to the vaccine or any ingredient in the vaccine documented by a medical provider. See more details from the CDC.

    Students requesting a medical exemption need to download the COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption Form (below and have their medical provider complete it. Upload a copy of the completed form to the document upload section of your Student Health Portal.

    Download COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption Form

  • Religious Beliefs Exemption Requests

    If the bona fide religious beliefs of a student (or the parent, guardian if under age 18) are contrary to the immunization requirement for a COVID-19 vaccine, the student will be exempt of the requirement upon submission of a written statement of the bona fide religious beliefs and opposition to the immunization requirement.

    Download COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption Form