2018 Health and Immunization Form

This is a mandatory form for all incoming Wake Forest Undergraduate and Graduate Students. this form must be turned in by July 01, 2018 or your registration for classes could be in jeopardy.

Note: Individuals who are only enrolled in Summer School and are not ongoing Wake Forest students do not need to have a physical examination (page 3). These individuals should, however, complete the remainder of this form.

Download HIIF Form

Documentation Required for Late Drops, Medical Leaves (CES) and Other Academic Relief Related to Medical or Mental Health


Documentation required prior to returning from medical/mental health withdrawal

Readmission Questionnaire for Medical/Mental Health Withdrawal

Summer 2018 Program Medical Form

(for Conference/Camp attendees – not for students enrolled in Summer School)

Download Summer Program Form

Information for Summer Program Participants

Download Information

Women’s Health History

For use only by women scheduled for annual Pap smear at WFU Student Health. Please complete before gynecologic exams at the Student Health Service.

Download Women’s Health History

WFU Student Health Release of Information Form

Download Release Form

Documenting a Physical or Psychiatric Disability

Download Form

Medical Documentation for Special Housing or Special Dining Requests

More Info

Information/Documents for Students with Chronic Medical Problems and Disabilities:

If you have an identified medical problem or other condition that may require additional resources while you are at Wake Forest or may require academic, housing, dining, or other reasonable accommodations please visit below for information about available campus and local resources.

Available Resources