Allergy Injection Clinic information

SHS provides an allergy injection clinic at WFU.  In order to receive your injections here, the following documentation must be submitted along with allergy serum vials.  For more information, please click Allergy Clinic Guidelines.

Incoming students immunization policy

All incoming students must have completed Health Information and Immunization forms (including the Emergency Contact and Consent, Medical History, Immunization History, and Tuberculosis Screening Forms) on file or risk being blocked from registration and removed from class. These forms are available in your Student Health Portal. When these forms are received, our clinical staff will check and verify your documentation. If there are any questions, we will contact you.

Medical record release

Please use the below form to request your medical records. This form must be completed and physically signed. You may list the desired records by date, category, or all records. Records can not be emailed to you unless you specifically request so. Please note that email is not a secure way to transfer records.