Immunization Compliance

If you have received an e-mail from the Wake Forest University Registrar’s Office stating that your immunization records with the University are incomplete, you should do the following:

  1. Log onto the Student Health Service Web Portal (use your Wake Forest Username and your password at the following URL)
  2. You will arrive at this screen:
    1. Chose the “My Profile” Tab
    2.  Under this tab, choose “Immun. History”
    3.  A copy of your immunization record will be downloaded to your computer (“ImmHistory.pdf”).
    4.  Open this in a .pdf reader (such as Adobe Acrobat).
    5.  This document contains the information we have received from you.
    6.  If there is no information in this document, this signifies that we have not received any documentation of your immunizations.  You should send copies of your immunization record to:
      Wake Forest University Student Health Service
      P.O. Box 7386
      Winston-Salem, NC 27109-7386
      – OR –
      E-mail (for scanned records):
      You may also bring your updated records when you come to campus.
  3. Near the bottom of the “ImmHistory.pdf” document you will see a Headline that states:  Wake Forest MatricDate (20XX).
  4. If the term after this states “Compliant,” then you have met the requirement and nothing further is needed (we will notify the Registrar’s Office that your record is complete.
  5. If the term after this states “Non-Compliant,” then you will need additional immunizations to meet Wake Forest and North Carolina immunization requirements.  You should see the term “Non-Compliant” beside the immunization(s) that need to be updated.

If you have questions concerning your particular immunization status that cannot be answered by reviewing your record on the Student Health Web Portal, please contact us by:

– OR –
Phone 336-758-5218 (Menu option “0”) .
– OR –
You may also bring your updated records when you come to campus.