Medical Absence

Academic Relief Related to Medical or Mental Health

Students who are experiencing or who have experienced medical, psychological, or psychiatric problems which affect their academic performance and who are requesting relief from their department or school must provide documentation from their healthcare provider or therapist along with recommendations concerning their academic situation. 

Recommendations Concerning Medical Problems Affecting Academic Status

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Returning from Medical or Mental Health Leave of Absence (CES)

If you have taken a medical leave of absence from Wake Forest University and it is determined by you and your healthcare provider that you are able to successfully return to Wake Forest University to pursue your education, you must provide verification from a licensed healthcare professional stating: 

  • You have followed through with course of treatment appropriate to the condition(s) which necessitated your departure from the university
  • There is limited likelihood that the condition will return to the degree that it will necessitate a subsequent medical withdrawal
  • You are ready to resume full-time student status
Readmission Questionnaire for Medical/Mental Health (CES)