Primary Care:
The primary care clinic is open for appointments Monday through Friday for routine health care. Call 336.758.5218 for an appointment. We are located in the George C. Mackie Health Center, lower right level of Reynolds Gymnasium.

Urgent Care: (24 hours during fall and spring semesters)
Urgent treatment is available at the SHS during the hours of operation. University Police can be called to transport students to the Health Service in an emergency. Students who have illnesses or injuries which cannot be managed in the Health Service are referred to WFU Baptist Medical Center or Forsyth Medical Center. These students are transported by friends, taxi or ambulance to the referred hospital.

Observation: (24 hours during fall and spring semesters)
A 24-hour two-bed observation unit is maintained for students with problems that cannot be managed by ambulatory or home care but who do not require hospitalization in a general care hospital. A physician is “on call” at all times when the observation unit is open.

A full-service pharmacy is provided for the purchase of prescription and over-the-counter medications. Prescriptions may be filled from on-campus and off-campus physicians with certain formulary restrictions. The pharmacy does not accept third-party insurance cards but does provide a receipt that students may submit to their insurance for reimbursement.

The SHS Laboratory is a “CLIA Certified Moderately Complex Medical Laboratory” providing in-house testing and specimen collection for referral to a reference laboratory. Tests are ordered by SHS providers or by the student’s family physician with SHS approval.

Allergy Injections:
Allergy injections are available at the SHS by appointment. Students must provide specific written instructions from their allergist. Allergy injections are given only when a physician is on the premises.

Vaccines for travel and routine preventative care are available by appointment.

Travel Consultations:
Students planning to study or travel abroad should contact the Travel Clinic for current information about immunizations and other health issues in specific areas. Additional information is available by calling 336.758.5218, option 3.

Health Education and Wellness:
The Health Education Office’s primary focus is on health promotion and prevention of health-related problems. The office provides individual consultations on topics such as nutrition, disordered eating, substance use/abuse, stress management and sexual health issues. The office also:

  • Provides training for the Peer Health Educators (HES 201 and HES 202)
  • Provides programs on health-related topics for the campus community
  • Advises a variety of student organizations related to health issues (EZ Rides, Peer Health Educators)

Sports Medicine Clinic:
Specialists in the care of bone, joint or muscle injuries, and/or medical problems related to exercise or athletics, are available at SHS by appointment on Tuesday afternoons during the fall and spring semesters. Visits are billed by Wake Forest University Physicians and are the responsibility of the student receiving care. Call 336.758.5218, option 0, for an appointment.

Psychiatric consultations are available. Call SHS at 336.758.5218, option 0, or the University Counseling Center at 336.758.5273 for a referral.

All students who have paid tuition and who have a “Student Health Services Health Information Summary” on file in the SHS are eligible for treatment. Student family members are not eligible for treatment.

There are no charges for services of staff physicians. A charge will be made for injections, prescriptions, laboratory tests, medical supplies and special physical examinations. Prescriptions not originating with a staff physician may be filled for a fee if the medication is stocked in the pharmacy. There is an hourly charge for room and board up to $300.00 per day in the Observation Unit plus additional charges for supplies, laboratory tests and medications. Payment may be made by cash, check, Deacon Dollars or posted to the student’s account in Financial and Accounting Services. A receipt is given for students to file for reimbursement from their insurance company. When a student is referred to a specialist outside the Health Service, or when a student is referred for x-rays or special laboratory tests outside the Health Service, all costs, including transportation, must be assumed by the student.

Student medical records are confidential. Medical records and information contained in the records may be shared with therapists and physicians who are involved in the student’s care, and otherwise will not be released without the student’s permission except as allowed by law. Students who wish to have their medical records or information released to other parties should complete a release of information form at the time of each office visit or service.

Student Insurance:
Health insurance is required as a condition of enrollment for full-time, degree-seeking domestic undergraduate students in Wake Forest College; for degree-seeking domestic graduate students* in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, School of Divinity, Schools of Business, and School of Law; and all international students with F or J visas (full information regarding eligibility can be found on the FAQ page at Undergraduate students who are degree-seeking students and only need part-time status to complete their degree are eligible for the student insurance. Students who demonstrate coverage that meets our criteria may waive the insurance provided by WFU. Information on the waiver process can be found on the Enrollment / Waivers page. *Certain part-time students are not eligible. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact Students are strongly encouraged to review their current plan to assure adequate coverage.

Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC):
The Student Health Advisory Committee is a student organization that represents students’ interests in the SHS. SHAC is charged with maintaining vital connections between the programs, services and policies of SHS and the student body. The organization meets monthly to coordinate programs, outreach and address current issues in student health. If you are interested in serving on SHAC or have questions, call 336.758.5218, option 0.

Wake Forest Emergency Medical Services (WFEMS):

Since 1996, Wake Forest Emergency Medical Services (WFEMS) has provided emergency medical care to students, faculty, staff, and visitors on the Reynolda Campus. WFEMS exists to serve the campus community by providing both emergency care and information about illness and injury prevention.   WFEMS is an all-volunteer and student-run organization. We are on-duty 24 hours every day when classes are in session. We work closely with the Student Health Service, University Police, Winston-Salem Fire Department, and Forsyth County Emergency Services.

In addition to our normal on-call hours, we also offer standby services to groups that are hosting events. Our EMTs are certified by the state of North Carolina and can provide BLS care at your event.

Peer Health Education:
Peer Health Educators is an organization consisting of trained student volunteers who provide educational and awareness programs to the campus community and/or student organizations. Programs offered include contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, nutrition, eating disorders, and drugs and alcohol. Students interested in becoming a Peer Health Educator should contact the health educator at 336.758.5937.