Teresa Jackson – Director

The Wake Forest Student Health Service Pharmacy is licensed by the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy and operates under a limited services permit. This allows the pharmacy to provide prescription services to the students of Wake Forest University. The Pharmacy Director is licensed by the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy and manages the operation of the pharmacy.  Prescriptions written both on and off campus may be filled at the pharmacy if the medication is on the WFUSHS formulary.

The Pharmacy is not equipped to handle third party (insurance) claims; written documentation of the prescription is provided so students can file a claim with their insurance companies. Students with prescription plans associated with their health insurance may take prescriptions from Student Health Service clinicians to retail pharmacies in Winston-Salem if they prefer.  Students on the WFU Blue plan are not charged for prescriptions filled by the SHS Pharmacy.

The pharmacy is opened during normal operating hours Monday through Friday from 9:30am-1:00pm and 2:00pm until 4pm from late August through mid May when school is in session.