Sunbelt 2018

Thank you for attending Sunbelt 2018.   The goal is to gather administrators in decision making positions to have open and honest discussions about current trends, issues and topics that impact campus health.  During our conversations many of you shared information with me to pass along to the group.  Please see the links below to access this information:

Marguerite O’Brien​ ​
​Healthy Campus Summit Save the Date
T​oni Ratliff  ​
Telehealth Visits TELEHEALTH Word Document
Diana Malott ​
Kathy Carstens
Joanne Clinch


Final Registration Link with contact information for all attendee registered
Polling Executive Summary Report from group responses
Post Assessment for attendees.  Please complete by August 24, 2018
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Darren O. Aaron
Treasurer, Southern College Health Association